• Helping people who are struggling with addictions is the field I specialise in.

  • ​​Addiction applies to a spectrum of behaviours, involving drug and alcohol use but also sex, pornography, gambling, internet addiction or eating disorders.

  • It can be frightening to struggle with compulsive behaviour which damages not only an individual but also negatively influences all his/her relationships.

  • I can help you to understand both physical and emotional dependence and to identify your triggers. Compulsive bahaviour can lead to isolation and unhappiness. Understanding your own actions, addressing the underlying issues, can help to gain control over the compulsive behaviour. ​

  • At my practice one can also find help in coping with stress, depression, suicidal thoughts, relationship problems, fear and lack of confidence. I can help in difficult times connected with bereavement.​

  • I counsel people both in English and in the Polish language.

  • My fee is £35 per session

Qualifications and Approach


I hold a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (addiction mode) and I am a member of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

I also hold a Masters Degree in English Philology.

The way I work is based on psychodynamic principles. The psychodynamic approach deals with investigation of interpersonal relations. It claims that difficulties in functioning are caused by inner conflicts. The fact that an individual is unaware of these conflicts causes him/her to hold on to them, sometimes also to deepen them and very often to repeat them.

The psychodynamic approach helps the individual to understand his own part in his/her inner conflicts and at the same time it helps the individual to overcome these conflicts.

The psychodynamic approach shows the connections between present behaviour and the behaviour inherited from earlier experiences.

I am a native Polish speaker.

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