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Are you struggling with addiction?

Do you feel anxious, depressed or suicidal?

Are you presently dealing with feelings of sadness  or a low self-esteem?

Have you lost someone, gone through a relationship breakdown, bereveament  or redundancy?

Do you want to change your life and feel different?

About counselling

Counselling helps those who are looking for a new way of living, who are stuck or have found themselves on the crossroads.

Difficulties with which people are faced can be of an individual, family, professional or social nature.

People who are searching for a new way of development, who want to open themselves to new opportunities and who want to overcome their own limitations can find help in counselling.


Counselling sessions are fifty minutes long and are held once a week.

The one-to-one therapy is preceded by an initial session to discuss what brings an individual to therapy and to mutually agree with the therapy conditions (time, place, therapist fees).

Counselling can be a long process that involves deep, reflective work over a period of time. The process provides a regular time and space for people to talk about their troubles and explore difficult feelings in the environment which is dependable, free from intrusion and confidential.

           About me

I will respect your opinions while helping you to deal with specific problems, cope with crises, improve your relationships, or develop a better way of living.

Despite their name, counsellors do not usually give advise. Instead, I will help you to gain insight into your feelings and behaviour and to change your behaviour, if necessary. I will do this by listening to what you have to say and commenting on it from my proffessional perspective.

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